Tech Workshops: Network Design

This afternoon, we welcomed Priscilla Oppenheimer to present the basics of Network Design.

Priscilla first reviewed some basic math and addressing topics, covering in great detail IP Addresses in both binary and dotted-decimal formats. She then went on to explain subnet masks, private and public addresses (and the translation process between the two types of addresses), gateways and router operations.

As she flawlessly calculated binary and dotted-decimal address conversions in her head, she managed to instill in the minds of attendees the basics of network design.

The lab was all about designing a network–on paper–that could handle traffic during the NBA Playoff Games, covering 29 NBA sports arenas across the country; providing the capability to capture, review and broadcast instant replays (that actually have a bearing on the outcome of the basketball game), connect up to 50 sportscasters to their hosts, and provide general internet access for up to 20,000 fans per arena so they can interact with various online sites during the game–all in a secure environment.

Each attendee participated in the lab, and then presented their network designs to the group.

This was a great presentation on a complicated subject; a wonderful educational opportunity for everyone who attended.

Thanks, Priscilla!

Author: Karen
Written: 4/17/15
Published: 4/18/15
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