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Tech Talks: UX vs. CRO

Brandon Kirkland conducted an enthusiastic Tech Talk on the topic of UX vs. CRO this past Tuesday afternoon. The talk was presented to a small, diverse group of folks who shared an interest in learning how to shape User eXperience (UX) to maximize Conversion Rate (CRO).

The two terms can be confused, based on the fact that many website developers assume that a wonderful user experience will usually result in converting visitors to customers. Actually, creating a wonderful user experience is mandatory; however, it’s important to implement marketing techniques to encourage buying. Brandon quickly demonstrated optimal ways to analyze—and then improve—the conversion rate.

The common examples of Android vs. iOS (freedom to fail vs. walled garden) were used as a basis for explaining how users can feel free vs. protected-but-trapped inside a tightly-controlled environment.

The key point is: if you get fewer people to your site but a higher percentage of them convert to being a customer, that’s a winning strategy. To view a transcript of Brandon’s Tech Talk, please visit his Prezi.

Following the talk, the group demonstrated their grasp of the rules, principles and suggestions presented during Brandon’s talk as they reviewed an example eCommerce website: HydroHammock. Inventor Benjamin Frederick was on hand to receive the feedback and add to his ToDo List. This is an example of a very exciting new product that has a great website and might benefit from a bit of tweaking. Good luck to Benjamin!

This Tech Talk wraps up Season 2 of Tech Talks. You are invited to join us when we return during Fall Term, on the Fourth Tuesday of October, 2016, when we launch Season 3.

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Author: Karen
Written: 5/26/16
Published: 5/26/16
Copyright © 2016, FPP, Inc. All rights reserved.