Tech Talks: ISO9001

On October 20th, Greg Swartz of UL-DQS, Inc. presented a talk about the 2015 ISO 9001 Standard. UL-DQS: UL (Underwriters Laboratory) and DQS, Inc. (German registrar for the certification of management systems) merged in 2008 to form one of the top certification bodies in the world.

The primary feature of the updated version of the former ISO9001 Standard is: Software is an integral part of the infrastructure requirements. [Finally!]

As with ISO9000, which was introduced in the 1970s, the standard will be regulated by the time-proven peer regulation method; a company will conform to the standard when it makes good business sense to do so.

The changes in 2015 include:

  • More management ownership. [Hopefully removing the “I didn’t know” Excuse.]
  • Covering products, services and software (SaaS; Software as a Service)
  • Risk-based thinking
  • Customer Feedback & Improvement

Essentially, the requirements for products and services flips the org chart by putting customers at the top of the chart and the C.E.O. at the bottom.

As for software-based errors, the risk-based thinking includes considering the seriousness of the errors, the frequency of the occurrence and the ease of detection.

Greg’s talk was well-received by a diverse audience. Business representatives who understand the importance of being in compliance with industry standards praised Greg’s delivery, and some audience members expressed interest in the courses required to become an auditor.

The Tech Talk Series is on hiatus until Winter Term.

Author: Karen
Written: 10/21/15
Published: 10/21/15
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