Tech Talks: How To Market Yourself

SVG invited Ginger Johnson to deliver the last session* in their Tech Talk Series, and she elected a topic of interest to every graduating student: How to Market Yourself. The subject of her talk attracted SOU students, faculty members and business representatives from a wide spectrum of disciplines, and Ginger did not disappoint her broad audience. She got everyone’s attention early, both by wearing a bright yellow sweater, and by personally greeting every member of the audience and handing them her unique round orange business card and a souvenir pencil embossed with a marketing message; a great way to remember the event!

Throughout her talk, Ginger maintained interest by interacting with individual audience members and keeping the flow focused on issues relevant to their situation. Referencing her varied career experience, she delighted us with real-world solutions to everyday career marketing issues. She touched on basic interaction techniques like how to ask an intelligent question of a speaker, how to fearlessly meet the people you want to meet and, probably most important, how—and why—to maintain contact with the people you meet. You never know when someone you know knows someone who might be able to connect you to someone who can make a difference in your professional life!

Thanks to Ginger for sharing her time and her experience!

Ginger elected to summarize the event from her personal point of view; her write-up can be viewed on Ginger’s website.

Thanks to SVG for a great series of Tech Talks!

* NOTE: SVTG is transitioning out of the Tech Talks as part of their change in focus to more generalized business development activities—and changing the group’s name to Sustainable Valley Group (SVG).

Author: Various (Ginger | Rosetta | Karen)
Written: 2/25/16
Published: 2/29/16
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