Tech Talks: 3D Modeling

Tuesday, January 19th, Southern Oregon University in Partnership with Sustainable Valley Technology Group welcomed Ryan Evans to present on 3D modeling and OnShape modeling software.

Evans spoke about the uses and development of 3D Modeling and focused on the new software OnShape. In the introduction, Evans spoke to the benefits of using CAD programs, and listed pros and cons of Onshape versus the more established programs including the capabilities, cost, and cloud and browser dependent platform. Though the program does not allow for every tool needed for 3D modeling such as sheet metal modeling, Evans still uses it in addition to the other programs for the myriad of updated and improved features like live editing and sharing and new fixes to inherit glitches in previous programs.

Evans demonstrated to the audience how to construct a simplified 3D Model and suggested that the Onshape program is a great, free way to learn the basics in 3D modeling. He ran a complimentary hands-on workshop on January 21st at SOU through the Tech Workshop program to delve deeper into the capabilities and uses of OnShape.

Author: Rosetta
Written: 1/21/16
Published: 1/21/16