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Tech Lunch: Fourth Friday in August 2016

The Tech Lunch was not on standby this week!

And, with an amazing 2.5 hours notice, the turnout was respectable.

Lunch was held at Fiesta Taqueria on Stewart Avenue in Medford. Tortillas were used to scrape the plates clean, so the food must have been wonderful!

Those present already knew each other; some reacquainting took place, to allow for the passage of time.

The general chat focused on: how tall the people of Latvia are (confirming another local techie’s similar observations, expressed at a recent CocoaHeads meeting); Apple’s detour from Steve Jobs’s dicta since Tim Cook has taken firm control, and where the company is likely going under his direction; working for ComputerLand in the old days; referrals to local Mac Consultants; projects in development; and raising teenagers.

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Author: Karen
Written: 8/28/16
Published: 8/29/16
Copyright © 2016, FPP, Inc. All rights reserved.