SOGGy Monthly Meeting: June, 2019



The scheduled speaker did not show up, so we ended up chatting about random tech topics. We later discovered that someone had sent out a prank Cancellation Email Notice to the MeetUp Members List. While this was probably meant as a tactic to disrupt the group, it actually had the opposite effect: we all shared a bit about our backgrounds and after learning more about each other, it brought us closer together.

Dave launched a presentation about an Apple feature coming up in iOS version 13: Voice Control. Capstone Students are implementing the feature in the Art Authority app [written by Dave and marketed by Alan Oppenheimer.] All the Voice Control logic is contained on the device. This is the future of iOS 13…for iPad and iPhone.

The discussion continued along the lines of Apple products and included comments about the upcoming Mac Book Pro decked-out with a 6K [resolution] companion monitor ($4,999), lots of memory and a really fast chip. Competition systems are currently priced at around $43,000, but have limited processing time at full power … until the hardware overheats. This MBP is not for general use; the market is most likely for specialists. Dave confirmed that this is the version that looks like a cheese grater.

iTunes is broken up. There’s a music app; part of finder’s side bar. Other parts of it are linked to the TV or Podcast app.

Corey’s going to Baltimore for a conference next week. His recent trip to Butte Falls included a training session about the difference between radio and cellular technology. Butte Falls has one police officer.

Discussed BBS technology, from the Days of Yore. Then the discussion reverted to Acoustic Couplers

Dave shared his professional path, according to his former business cards. Discussed bang path. Circa 1989; pre-Internet. BI; Before Internet.

Mercedes explained the wide variety of plays produced by OSF. Announced that they are currently in fund-raising mode. She also explained how much work is involved, real-time, in the production of a play: Breaking down sets, coordinating all the activities, understudies, etc. For more information, you are invited to visit the OSF Company Profile on Rogue Tech Ink.

Next month, Monty will present a Tech Talk on the topic of Containers; like freeze-drying the O.S. that you can then thaw-out and run various apps on various [read: different] operating systems a specific O.S. It’s being used a lot for running services in the Cloud. Kubernetes is a Supervisor Process that you can call to schedule operations. Monty develops his software on Amazon.

Gunnar volunteered to present more about AWS in the future. Great!

Discussed lack of tech knowledge in the retail space; e.g., Home Depot will take PayPal if you enter your UN/PW at their pay pin pad. Hmmmm…something to think about.

Has anyone had the experience of getting a Card Read Error when using ApplePay? Yes. Solution is to upgrade the pay pin pad firmware…or…lick the contact points on the card and try again.

Discussion about security cameras; tying that to your identity and email address. Bottom Line: Don’t give Best Buy your email address if you value your privacy.

Discussed the new technology that permits video operators to use a still photo and then create video content that makes it appear that the person is talking.

Jackson County Scanner Group: Tracks scanner traffic. Open to everyone. Track all law enforcement activity. The group has been instrumental in finding missing people.

ECSO regularly updates their system information regarding location of fire hydrants and other emergency equipment.

Discussion turned to Corey’s phone call from his father-in-law regarding Model A car parts; he’s restoring one. They are planning to drive it in the Central Point Fourth Of July Parade.

Long discussion about older vehicles, cars, boats, cruise ships.

Agreement on the food: great! Want to come back? Yes!

Monty talked about his trip to Japan last year, to support his wife Jane’s participation in a pottery art event. They were in Sapporo. And then, more about driving in Japan. They visited a Buddhist Temple. Wonderful experience. Highlights included ringing the bell at the temple and being served tea.

Discussed local Buddhist centers.

Talked about attendees bringing guests.
Mercedes would like to bring her visiting Uncle…but does not know if timing will work for his schedule.
Corey had planned to bring a friend, but forgot.

Talked about testing new drones used by law enforcement.

Talked about Art Authority; placement of pictures on walls. Depth-based positioning. Driven by machine learning.


Author: Karen
Written: 6/15/19
Published: 6/16/19
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