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Shasta Networks: Versatile Solutions for Health Care Networks

Shasta Networks produces specialized—and customized—software that provides systems integration and interoperability solutions for health care providers.

As health care providers around the country acquire new information technology systems and independent medical practices to broaden their offerings and reduce operating costs, the various—sometimes quite unique—clinical, billing and administrative systems from the newly-acquired systems and practices must be merged into upstream systems—in real time—and this is where Shasta Networks’ flagship product, DataDirector™, comes into play. Java-based DataDirector™ facilitates the flow of data traffic between all of the health care providers’ internal systems, as well as data being routed to and from external partners and reporting agencies.

Business has steadily improved since Jacek (“Yat′ Zek”) Zagorski founded the company in 2000; expanding from a one-person consultancy for the first dozen years to a current staff of six. Jacek works in the same open, cubicle-free space as his staff; providing the opportunity to stay attuned to current issues and new developments, keep his coding skills current—and even respond to support calls.

Shasta Networks' Boardroom Table
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Growth Spurt
Almost three years ago, Shasta Networks became aware that some of their customers were suddenly faced with a requirement to submit critical data for immunizations registry, reportable labs, and syndromic surveillance to public health agencies—and their major vendor at the time, McKesson, was unable to provide a solution. The nimble Shasta Networks Team accepted the challenge and produced a solution in a month! With the help of the McKesson Users Group and McKesson project managers recommendations, that effort snowballed into about 20 new hospital clients during 2014 and 2015.

Although this intense effort paid off in more clients—and a new product, Scout, which helps hospitals capture network data during the interim acquisition period—Jacek would rather grow more gradually than as quickly as he did during this period of time.

How many staff are technical? All of them. Six people, including Jacek. When he hired his first employee, 3.5 years ago, he decided he’d be happy to hire a new person every 6 months; that would allow him to train the employee and integrate that person into the company, all the while developing a new product or two.

“It’s who you know that gets you in; it’s what you know that keeps you there.©

When Jacek is looking for a new hire, he goes directly to SOU. Does he have any other sources? “No. Keep it local. We get feedback from professors and even SOU students.”

He also asks his student employees who they like at SOU. Currently there is an opening for an intern, but they haven’t yet received any applications.

“It simply makes sense for a small outfit to use a managed service.”

As word of their expertise and responsiveness has spread around the community of health care providers, Shasta Networks has become aware of yet another need: providing managed IT services for health care providers who may have a minimal IT Integration Staff.

Shasta Network Staff--at work!
Shasta Network Staff–at work! Copyright © 2016, FPP, Inc. All rights reserved.

Not only might the Integration Staff for a smaller hospital’s IT Department be challenged to find the time to stay current with technology, but when an IT Staffer leaves, the health care provider may find themselves in a vulnerable position. In addition to losing the knowledge and intimate experience with their existing system, the hospital’s executive staff might not have the in-house expertise to locate—and, more importantly, vet—the best replacement candidates, and might also end up having to pay out more than they desire to replace the departed employee. By electing to use managed IT services, the health care provider is assured of up-to-date technology, trained staff and ongoing software support. Considering all the network-based traffic that must be managed within the health care industry, a savvy IT staff is a requirement for smooth operations.

Rogue Coworks: Share space. Share knowledge. Expand your network.
Jacek has always leased out a portion of his work space. As his business grows, he deliberately looks for extra space and leases it out to another concern. Share space. Share knowledge. Expand your network. Rogue Coworks space is available to independent contractors and telecommuters at hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rates. Access to WiFi, conference room and mail box services are also available.

Rogue Coworks Space
Rogue Coworks Space. Copyright © 2016, FPP, Inc. All rights reserved.

He began branding his current open space as Rogue Coworks in August 2016, about a month after moving in to the lower level of what was formerly the deli and gourmet grocery space occupied by the (street level) kitchen store, Allyson’s of Ashland.

The other side of the lower level is currently occupied by Zagorska Oasis, a skin care business owned and operated by Jacek’s wife, Michele.

The coworking space is a win-win for both lessees and lessor, providing a natural business networking environment for all parties. In addition to being a source of knowledge and camaraderie for those present on any given day, the combination of regular staff interacting with visiting consultants from a variety of disciplines imparts a certain esprit de corps to all those present. Creative people derive energy from being around other creative people; sharing different perspectives, new ideas, past failures and current successes. And, Jacek has certainly created a workspace that flaunts creativity, sharing and forward thinking.

The current transient coworkers include a graphics/website designer, a demographics researcher, a computer hardware mechanic, and a restaurant blogger; quite an eclectic mix!

Renaissance Man

Jacek Zagorski.
Jacek Zagorski. Copyright © 2016, FPP, Inc. All rights reserved.

Jacek’s business ethos and expertise seems to be complete, as if he designed the perfect setup for his business and his family. That may be true…

Prior to moving to Southern Oregon to be closer to family in Portland, Jacek and his family lived in New Jersey. They started looking for a place to live on the west coast between San Francisco and Seattle—not near a big metropolis. They picked out Ashland on a map for its proximity to beautiful open space, clean rivers, mountains and coast. They researched the area, visited, and then decided to make the move when they found out they were expecting their first child. “Turns out the coast isn’t so close if you’re not a crow… but everything else is great!”

One of Jacek’s great interests is permaculture and independent living. He, Michele and their children live (since 2002) at the bottom of the Colestin Valley near Hilt, California on the Oregon side of the border. Their property is shared by various farm animals, including chickens and sheep which provide revenue from eggs and lamb. They built and live in a wood-heated and passively cooled straw bale home, with solar power, grey water recycling and rain catchment for gardening. “It’s a challenge living out there at times, but it sure beats watching TV.” Indeed.

For more information about space availability at Rogue Coworks, you are invited to contact Jacek Zagorski.

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