Rogue Tech Talks: June 2024

We met again at Bambu and had a fabulous dinner! Ambiance, food and service were great!

There was no presentation this month so we chatted about recent tech happenings…

Long haul trucks are now using AI cameras; both styles that capture what’s going on in front of the truck and what happened behind the truck. Interesting issues have popped-up regarding using the technology to refuel the trucks…possibly not properly-vetted prior to introduction to the masses.

Related to last month’s presentation on disk cleaning utilities, we briefly chatted about a similar utility offered by another operating system. It turns out that the Pick System (in one of its various implementations…) has an ad hoc utility that not only scans the disk for candidates for resizing but offers suggestions for the parameters. Cool!

One topic that was of surprising interest was a recent news story about the refurbishing of the baseball stadium in Cleveland, OH. Here’s a link to the video that tells the story.

The baseball stadium story brought-up more chatter about the textile mills in the northeast U.S. and how many of them are being refurbished to provide offices, restaurants, etc.

That talk led to the amount of workspace large companies have devoted to tech workers, and is now being downsized. This newly-emptied space simply sits there…possibly awaiting the equipment and technology that will provide automated services.

And, speaking of executive decisions, someone commented on the fascination with new technology possibly replacing sound business decisions by technology executives who are afflicted with Shiny Object Syndrome after learning about this new gizmo and that new feature. The end result is that there’s a combination of equipment and processes that do not work smoothly together, creating a possible nightmare for resumption of normal business after a tech crisis. If the equipment and/or processes don’t communicate during normal operations, what happens if/when the Internet is compromised?

We also talked about having an event at a member’s home, when the temperatures cool down…maybe next month. Stay tuned!

Author: Karen
Written: 6/7/24
Published: 6/7/24
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