Rogue Tech Talks: March, 2020

We returned from two months on hiatus, due to calendar issues; First Thursday in January fell on 1/2/20 and we decided that most people would still be celebrating the New Year, and First Thursday in February was unworkable due to venue issues.

We had a great turnout for this Tech Talk, due to the competence level of the speaker and interest in both the new venue and the topic.

Karen introduced Eric Turner, Freelance Consultant, by explaining how he was introduced to the topic: he attended a Tech Talk at SOU, conducted by Wayne Iba who was a visiting professor (from U.C. Santa Barbara) at the time. The talk piqued Eric’s interest in the topic and he began taking some online courses in the subject. He and Wayne became friends and Wayne ended up retiring and moving to Southern Oregon, close to Eric. Their friendship provided Eric with a nearby authority to consult as he continued to learn about the subject.

As Eric explained, the topic of Machine Learning is wide and deep, and includes many levels of learning/teaching machines how to operate without constant human presence.

[This wrapUp is still in transcription…coming soon!]

Author: Karen
Written: 3/7/20
Published: 6/27/20
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