Rogue Tech Talks: June, 2020

We gathered to talk about tech topics, in general, after being on hiatus for a couple of months, due to venue issues. Of course we practiced social distancing by limiting our group to <10 attendees and spreading-out among multiple tables.

Karen launched the discussion with a question about how today’s young people will learn, given the threat of school closings this Fall. As we went around the table(s), everyone volunteered their history of how they learned as they grew up; parental coaching, clubs, library visits, tinkering, and other ways—and how they parlayed these seeds of learning into their current careers. Most of us read a lot. This discussion led to comments about online learning options.

Online Learning Options:
Khan Academy

The remaining discussions included follow-on comments about Eric’s excellent presentation on Machine Learning at our last meeting. Ancillary topics included Deep Learning, A.I. and Augmented Reality…all leading to a brief discussion about Consciousness. Glen offered to present a Tech Talk soon, based upon his interest in technical books on the topic.

Corey volunteered to present a Tech Talk on Graphana in July, when we meet again at the same venue.

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Author: Karen
Written: 6/16/20
Published: 6/25/20
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