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Rogue Hack Lab: September 2016 Meeting

Energy was high this evening, as attendees planned for the upcoming Mini Maker Faire – and the Drone Flying Contest they plan to conduct.

Tonight I actually flew a drone and discovered that I don’t yet have a feel for controlling the flight path. This time, instead of promptly crashing my borrowed drone, I advanced to plopping it down and losing one propeller. (The propeller simply rests on an upright pin so it’s quickly restored to operational condition.) Hopefully, the drone shipment arrives from China soon so I can purchase my own to test fly outdoors where I have no fear of flying it into someone’s face.

Join Us! next month and participate in the planning and training activities for the Drone Flying Contest.

Author: Karen
Written: 9/9/16
Published: 9/9/16
Copyright © 2016, FPP, Inc. All rights reserved.