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CocoaHeads: September 2016 Meeting

This month, we welcomed one new person to the group and several returning folks who have missed recent meetings, due to schedule conflicts, family events and vacation travels.

The primary discussion points included:

  • News from Apple’s iPhone Event yesterday
    • NO Headphone Jack (!)
    • iPhone 7
    • AirPods (Wireless EarPods)
    • Touch Feedback Home Button (non-clicky)
    • Double Camera
    • Apple (Water Resistant) Watch Series 2
    • Upcoming iOS 10 Release on September 13
    • MacOS Sierra Release on September 20
  • Vacation News
    • Local Family Events
    • Switzerland
  • Introductions of new and returning folks
  • Education on OS X download restrictions
  • Connections to Swift Developers
  • Statistics on Apple’s App Store
    • 500,000 Apps Available
    • 140 Billion Apps Downloaded (up > 100% YOY)
Eric, Dave, Mercedes, John
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Join US! next month, following the launch of Season 3 of Tech Workshops at SOU. Mike Birkhead will be conducting a workshop on Agile Development.

Author: Karen
Written: 9/9/16
Published: 9/9/16
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