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CocoaHeads Monthly Meeting: March 2018

A hearty group of attendees discussed a variety of tech topics this evening.

Topics Discussed:

  • OSF
    • Othello: A great play!
    • Destiny of Desire: A great Mexican Soap Opera; good enough to see again.
    • Henry V: Music is Great!
    • Sense & Sensibility
  • FlowJo
    • Acquired 2-3 months ago by Becton Dickinson (BD)
    • Use Java Script to develop their software
    • Discussed Electron Framework; a wrapper for desktop applications; this triggered a discussion of mobile vs. desktop apps; mobile is driving the application software these days. Electron is a way of cloning a mobile app and creating a desktop app.
  • Upgrading your MAC
    • New MAC; upgraded from MAC G3 running OS9
    • Question about Spotlight
  • MAC Answers & iWatch Activity Monitor
    • Discussed Spotlight and how keyboard commands can be used to launch an app quickly.
    • Check iCloud settings that automatically move stuff to the cloud.
    • Shared Activity Monitor app, and how the iWatch app reminds the wearer to workout.
    • Streaks Workout is an app that was recently free to download for 7 days; described as “a personal trainer that you actually want to use.”
  • General
    • Vesigo Studios produces an app called OnTime360 that provides Delivery Management Software for Couriers and Dispatchers. Great app!
    • Apple’s new Swift Language is now in the top 10 (at #10) rankings of Programming Languages, according to this article on Cult of Mac. What does this mean? Well, you won’t be wasting your time learning Swift.
    • Swing: a GUI widget toolkit for Java; an API for providing a GUI for Java programs.

Intern Seekers were connected to those seeking internships.

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Difference Between a Framework & a LIbrary

A discussion ensued regarding the difference between a Framework and a Library; what’s the difference? This led to discussing the confusion surrounding Frameworks, IDEs, APIs and other collective development tools. Bottom Line: a Framework can contain a library of routines or methods, and a Library can (potentially) contain a framework but not usually. The difference seems to be how the software tool is used. A Framework forces a distinct structure on the developer. A Library, or collection of routines, might include multiple routines that do the same or similar things; the developer is free to select a specific routine. In using a Framework, there is more control imposed upon the developer to conform to the thought process of the Framework Provider; don’t worry…we’ll automate this for you. The downside? Part way through development, you may discover something that you want/need to do and the Framework Provider has not yet provided a routine for that; thus, you must code the functionality yourself.

Link to article on Cult Of Mac re: Swift Programming Language has Cracked The List of Top 10 Programming Languages (as indicated on GitHub and StackOverflow). Wow!

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Author: Karen
Written: 3/10/18
Published: 3/10/18
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