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CocoaHeads: July 2017 Meeting

The Brickroom continues to be a favorite place to meet; comfortable atmosphere, great food served in an almost-timely manner, and fabulous service!

Group size of 8-10 seems to be best for good conversation, and connecting with everyone to catch up on the latest projects and desires.

People looking for opportunities were interested to hear about the front-page article on Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions published in the Medford Mail Tribune on July 11, 2017. Check your email for a link if you are not already a Mail Tribune Subscriber. The company is planning to relocate their company HQ to Medford (from Freemont, CA; Silicon Valley Area) soon. They are expanding their focus from B2B to B2C activities to include monitoring devices for the consumer market; IOW, IoT. Now might be the time to get up to speed using Apple’s HomeKit, which we briefly discussed last month.

Check out Rogue Tech Scene for local job opportunities.

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Join us each Second Thursday at The Brickroom, starting at 6:00 p.m. to commune with Apple Aficionados and hear the latest news that may help your career!

Author: Karen
Written: 7/15/17
Published: 7/15/17
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