CocoaHeads Monthly Meeting: August 2018

In spite of a broadcast announcement that the meeting would be cancelled due to one member not being able to make it, several people showed up, including new people.

Luna Cafe did not disappoint in the Dessert Department, preparing a delicious Peach Pie for dessert.

This evening, we discussed meeting venues, days of the month to have the meeting, and discussion topics for future events.

This will most likely be almost the last meeting that is identified as a CocoaHeads meeting, as the overseeing organization has delisted out group due to non-technical discussions about Cocoa Products. OK. We’ll rename the group. And have more technical discussions.

Future meetings will feature Lightning Tech Talks. We have permission to adjourn to the loge, above the restaurant, if we prefer a quiet space for the presentation.

Join Us!

Join us next month (9/13/18 | 6:00 p.m.) at Luna Cafe for the last meeting of CocoaHeads. We will be discussing a new name and, possibly, a new meeting day of the month: Third Tuesdays.


Author: Karen
Written: 8/9/18
Published: 8/10/18
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