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CocoaHeads: April 2017 Meeting

Lots of talk about the Tech Workshop on Game Development that people had attended.

Also discussions about:

  • Recent OSF Company Profile that included photos from Contributing Photographer, Mercedes Ly (who managed to blend into her very busy schedule photo shoots of OSF staffers.)
  • Relocating to Ashland from Portland; what are the differences?
  • New opportunities for both internships and jobs.
  • Suggestions for resolving Apple Device issues.
  • Physics book recommendations.
  • Living aboard a large boat with six-foot ceilings when you are over six feet tall.
  • Talents honed by the eMDA (emerging Media & Digital Arts) Curriculum, and how that meshes with the C.S. Curriculum
  • Catching up on the status of ongoing projects

Upcoming events:

Tech Talk on A.I. scheduled for 4/25/17 from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.; including free pizza. SU319

Tech Workshop on Freelancing scheduled for 5/11/17 from 3: 30 – 5:20 p.m. in SU319

Join us next month at The Brickroom on The Plaza in Downtown Ashland at 6:00 for next month’s CocoaHeads meeting, following the Tech Workshop on Freelancing.


Author: Karen
Written: 4/13/17
Published: 4/15/17
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