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CocoaHeads: February 2016 Meeting

CocoaHeads welcomed a couple of new folks this month, as we quaffed draft craft beer and ate dinner at The Brickroom on The Plaza in Downtown Ashland.

Along with the usual discussions about what’s new in Apple World, we discussed the Tech Workshop on Swift presented by Dave Hendrix and Eric Turner earlier this afternoon.

Dave and Eric were surprised to discover that the Mac Lab Computers were one-rev behind the current–and expected–rev of OS X, so they rebooted and turned the workshop into a group development discussion on how to finish off the Robot App that they had started. The app, which involved a robot wending its way through a maze of buildings to locate a coffee shop and then find a place to purchase band-aids and a rocket fuel dispenser, was altered by the group as Dave entered the code to make the suggested changes. Buildings turned into trees and a second robot was created to locate the first robot who had become lost in the maze. Fun was had by all and everyone learned something new. (Like: double- and triple-check the OS X Version!)

Join us on the Second Thursday in March (3/10/16) at The Brickroom and chat about what’s new with Apple!

Author: Karen
Written: 2/12/16
Published: 2/14/16
Copyright © 2016, FPP, Inc. All rights reserved.