Tech Workshops: Continuous Delivery

Whew! What a great workshop!

Scott Alexander walked us through the process of integrating Continuous Delivery in only two hours! His delivery was spot-on. Everything worked–including gracefully recovering from USP (Usual Presentation Surprises), getting everyone on the same page, and responding to all levels of questions in a thorough and thoughtful manner. Everyone learned something. Since Scott figured out this process on his own and then guided the Nike Techies through it, he was able to understand the perspective of all the attendees. Sort of the Surgeon’s Approach: Learn One, Do One, Teach One.

What came up for some of the attendees was the fact that, even though they had some experience with GIT (which is closely-integrated with the Continuous Delivery concept), nobody felt comfortable about their ability to properly-configure GIT for a particular development environment. This revelation became an opportunity for me to invite Scott back in the Fall, to conduct a Tech Workshop on GIT…stay tuned!

We all agreed that Scott is welcome back any time to teach us more about this involved concept that is quickly becoming state-of-the-art in Software Development. If the major players (Nike, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, DidIForgetAnyone?) are using it now, it won’t be long until Continuous Delivery is commonplace in even small IT shops.

Thanks to Scott for squeezing in TWO talks in one of the busiest weeks of his life!

Author: Karen
Written: 4/24/15
Published: 4/25/15
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