JamSpace: Partnership Opportunity

A collaborative, web-based multimedia authoring environment leveraging the latest developments in web technology. Or in lay terms, social networking for musicians, but not merely chat or file sharing, the project incorporates an authoring environment that is comparable to desktop applications.

This is a client/server application and the client side is a web browser. The server side is more or less complete (enough for an initial offering) and the client side is where I could use some help. This could use two developers, one with good UI/UX skills and one with a grasp of client side communications such was Ajax, Web Sockets, JSON, etc. It may be hard to find people with these skills, ready to ‘hit the ground running’ and willing to invest their time so as an added incentive I can provide training and tutelage to bring the right partners up to speed on the relevant technologies.

Ideally these individuals will also have a musical background and some familiarity with audio production software.

NOTE: This opportunity is offered by Joe Meadows of JamSpace. Please contact Joe at: jam@jamspace.com for further information.

DISCLAIMER: This post does not constitute any expressed or implied warranty, approval, or even knowledge about this opportunity, other than what is specified within this post. IOW: Do your own due diligence.